Our team

Dr. János Kálmán 

name partner, attorney

Dr. Krisztina Zsiros 

founding partner, managing partner

Dr. Bence Magyari 

founding partner

Dr. Gergely Bogdán 

tax partner

Dr. Anikó Vadász 

of counsel

Dr. Éva Mester 

of counsel

Dr. Zoltán Lékó 

attorney at law

Dr. Anita Baracsi 

of counsel

Dr. Attila Penz

of counsel

Dr. Orsolya Szilágyi 

of counsel

Dr. Laura Szente-Bajusz 

junior associate attorney

Dr. Olivér István Kovács 

junior associate attorney

Dr. Bianka Csilla Berta 

junior associate attorney

Dr. Valentin Kéri 

junior associate attorney

Dr. Klaudia Sári 

tax advisor

Emőke Pettendi 


Katalin Mészáros

Chief Accountant

Péter Török 

IT Consultant

Edina Schmidinger 

head of the legal secretariat

Andrea Gyurcsó

legal assistant

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